We are thrilled to introduce a new brand to our portfolio, Oman Luxury. Oman Luxury is an independent perfume house founded in 2012 by visionaries Mustasim, Muadh and Ahmed. Their encounter sparked a collective quest to capture the soul of Oman's culture and heritage through genuine olfactory expressions. Beyond creating fragrances, the trio aimed to weave a narrative highlighting every facet of Oman's rich cultural tapestry.

Oman Luxury's commitment extends beyond blending beautiful fragrances; it embraces a holistic approach to capturing the country's spirit. The brand sources local raw materials, infusing scents with the essence of Oman's landscapes. Collaborating with local talents and elite noses, Oman Luxury transforms each fragrance into an exquisite masterpiece, embodying the heart and soul of the nation.

Each bottle tells a story, a chapter in Oman's rich cultural narrative, brought to life by the skilled hands and discerning noses behind the brand.

Keep your eyes peeled for exciting things to come for this brand!