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We are a company of fragrance and beauty lovers, with over 35 years of industry expertise under our belts, and we know what customers want and how to get the best out of our brands. Discover more about Aspects Beauty in our company video.

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Rooted Principles, Modern Vision

Over the years we have evolved from a small, family-run business in East Sussex to an expansive company of over 200 staff represented in regions across the UK and Ireland. As we have grown and developed, so have our approaches to marketing, relationships with retailers, and brand management, always setting ourselves and our brands apart from the rest. Our strong culture has also enabled us to maintain a close community driven approach to business.

Meet Our Leadership Team

From our leadership team and many long-serving staff to our newest of recruits, we pride ourselves on how we all work collectively and passionately towards achieving our goals, each team member bringing their own set of personal and professional skills, ideas and experiences to allow us to flourish together.

A picture of Andrew Field

Andrew Field

Group Chief Financial Officer

A picture of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Joint Managing Director

A picture of Sharon Azira

Sharon Azira

Sales Director

A picture of Janey Pumphrey

Janey Pumphrey

Joint Managing Director

A picture of Jason Woods

Jason Woods

Operations Director

A picture of Jim and Jill

A Letter From Our Co-Founder, Jill Jackson Hill

Jim & I created a business with these core philosophies - looking for new ways to market, new ways of engaging with retailers and new ways of building luxury brands. More than thirty years later, Aspects Beauty Company is the sum of all our experiences. The retail landscape continues to evolve, but our core values remain the same. We treat each brand in our care as though it were our own and we are versatile and adapt quickly to change. When we become your partner, we will help deliver thoughtful and effective solutions for your brand needs. And above all, we are proud to be champions for each and every brand in our portfolio.

Jim Jackson 19.09.1942 – 18.02.2021

Jim Jackson Tribute