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Staffing & Training

Find out how the efforts and expertise of the training team ensure that our in-store sales consultants are coached to have the highest level of knowledge about your brand and products.

Staffing & Training

We want to give your products the best support that we can, right up until they find a new home with the customer. Therefore, our specialised training team provides expert coaching to our in-store sales consultants who come face-to-face with your potential customers every day.

Our training team will learn every aspect of your brand and pass on their expertise to our sales consultants. They travel up and down the country, running regular workshops and training sessions where our consultants become fully immersed in your brand.

  • Over 100 expert consultants across the UK & Ireland
  • Ongoing training for consultants
  • An expert training team dedicated to your brand
  • Retailer conferences and workshops
  • Head office brand immersion
  • In-house HR support team

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