Earlier this month, a special event unfolded at The Greenhouses in London, marking the debut of the new fragrance Butterfly by Alexandre.J Parfums. We were fortunate to welcome brand owner Amelie Jabban and perfumer Amelie Bourgeois, who introduced the exquisite scent to our guests.

Alexandre J’s Butterfly is now available at Harrods, boasting an opening of bergamot, pear and pink pepper, followed by a heart of tuberose and a base of vanilla and musk.

Guests were truly immersed in the experience, engaging in discussions about Butterfly's composition and its unique blend of notes against the beautiful backdrop of The Greenhouses. Following a delightful lunch, attendees had the opportunity to take Butterfly home with them, ensuring that the enchantment of the event and fragrance could be enjoyed at home.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us for this memorable occasion! For those in London, don't miss the opportunity to experience this fragrance, exclusively in Harrods.