Aspects Beauty is proud to introduce Cupola, the new addition to the Tuscan Creations collection from Salvatore Ferragamo. The 13th fragrance in the range takes inspiration from the dome or ‘cupola’ on the SANTA MARIA DEL FIORE in Florence. Erected 600 years ago, this iconic structure designed by Filippo Brunelleschi remains the largest brick dome ever built and continues to be an engineering mystery that’s yet to be solved.

Perfumers Antoine Lie and Luca Maffei created an olfactory ode that pays homage to the bond between heaven and earth, insolence and rigor, limit and immensity. “CUPOLA IS AN OLFACTIVE PAINTING OF THE DIVINE MYSTERY. IT EMBODIES A FEELING OF SUBSTANTIAL HARMONY THAT ELEVATES THE SOUL OF THOSE WHO WEAR IT”.

The fragrance features tangerine and green angelica immediately rounded with soft leathery saffron and deep tones of labdanum. As a celebration of its magnificence, a resinous warm amber envelops the beauty of sacred woods: dark patchouli and smoky gaiac wood.

Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Creations Cupola is an 100ml eau de parfum, available exclusively with Harrods, in store and online.